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So cold...

So cold...
From my toes to my nose
I shiver from the cold
That follows me in my soul.

So cold...
The black of night swallows me
Barefoot upon icy ground
Left to freeze in this wasteland of dreams.

So cold...
Every step is pain
I grow weary from this walk
Why did I come this far?

So cold...
I think I'll just sit here
Rest my eyes, body, and heart
Let the cold winter night
Swallow me whole.

So cold...
I see nothing but darkness
I feel nothing but chill
I am nothing but exhaustion

So cold...
They lied to me.
There is not light
No warm greetings
No beautiful music

So cold...
In the end
We are alone
In the dark
In silence
And so very, very, cold...

Got a Job

Today I got my first job in a nursing home! I'm really excited to be starting and nervous at the same time.

Dear Nursing School

I love learning and appreciate all the information that you share with me. I feel honored to be in this very selective program in this school.
However, this is the second day of school and we are still getting our sleep cycles back on some kind of schedules, not to mention how fucked our circadian rhythm will become once we really start doing clinicals, care plans, Jurisprudence papers, and teaching presentations.  So why are you trying to review/teach us things, in a single day, for about 6+ HOURS! Why couldn't this be spread out throughout the semester? Or post the powerpoints online so we could study these topics on our own time?
This is ridiculous to me and looking around the room, most of the students are semi-asleep, or have just quit writing down notes. I for one feel like my brain is full and the rest of this information is just spilling out, and I won't remember what you've just taught me! But I will do independent research on my own time and do my own review later when I am more cognizant.
So thank you nursing school for wasting your time, and mine. My mood: extremely exhausted

I taught today!

So my mother woke up about couple days ago with a really bad muscle cramp in her left shoulder and side. She's mostly been taking Ibprofen to relive the pain, and she tries not to move it much.

So today she asked me to rub, kinda give her a massage type thing. I went into my "nurse mode" and asked how long have you had the pain, scale the pain from 1-10, where exactly does is hurt, does it hurt when you move like this or that, and so on. Not only did I give her a massage, I also taught her verious stretches, demonstrated them, and made her do them; and when she couldn't do a stretch, I helped her through passive movement (I moved her arm to stretch it). I told her she needed to do these stretches at least twice a day and the pain will go away.

I did this without thinking about it. It never crossed my mind how serious I was about teaching my mother how to do this until she asked for some medicine and we both burst out laughing. While I was teaching my mother, I didn't think about that this is my mother. I thought of her as someone who needed instruction to improve their health. I truly, would have done this to a complete stranger, the same caring, the same consideration, as I gave to my own mother.

I find this quite interesting. Nursing takes a great deal of my time and energy, and I think alot about it in my spare time as well. I'm not saying that this experience was a bad thing, on the contrary, this is extremely good! These "nursing instincts" have become kind of like second nature and I go through the steps and processes without really thinking that I'm actually doing it. I think this is pretty essential to being a great nurse. I'm really proud of myself that I've accomplished this and the more I learn, the more I'll integrate my knowledge into my nursing process. My mood: extremely happy

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